How to Flirt for Teens

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How to Flirt for Teens

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Teenage years. Hormones are raging and of course, first loves can be potentially found. But maybe you're too shy to initiate a relationship? Read up on a few tips and you'll be a flirting expert!


  1. Find your target. Obviously, you need someone to flirt with before you can follow these steps, so go out, search Facebook/Myspace/Bebo etc or however you find love and then return once you've found the person you want to flirt with. If you've already done this then continue reading.
  2. "Break the Ice". So you've found that person you want to flirt with. Now, how to break that metaphorical ice. This isn't hard once you're confident and determined to flirt successfully with this person. Introduce yourself and try cracking a joke, or even making light contact with the person e.g poking playfully or wiping an imaginary eyelash off their cheek. First impressions count! Most importantly, make sure you smile and of course be yourself. Now you've broken the ice, it's time to make them realize they want you!
  3. Advance. Once you've made a good impression it's time to follow it up with your charm. Go out and get to know the person. Bat your eyelashes subtly at him if you're a girl and if you're a guy push your shoulders back and show the girl you're trying to impress her by making yourself look big, strong and like you can protect her. If you're flirting really successfully here, you may even be ready for that first kiss - but don't worry. This can take time and of course will require patience. Just keep at it!
    • The First Date . So if your flirting has worked so far, you may end up on a date with someone. Congratulations! Just be yourself and continue using those techniques and ideas above to keep showing your date why they like you!
    • The First Kiss . This can be daunting and a little awkward at first, but once you get into it you'll find it fun and romantic. For a first kiss, just peck lightly on the lips and only go in for more if you're both ready for it. Now you've successfully dated and kissed your ideal person, you're all set! Keep at it!

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