How to Save a Marriage

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How to Save a Marriage

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Learn how to save a marriage and avoid divorce even if you're the only one trying. Yes there are proven ways to save a marriage and stop a divorce and they are available to everyone.


  1. Open communication. In the process of the relationship certain things went unsaid and walls were built on both sides, which eliminate the opportunity for clear communication.
  2. Create a safe space for this communication. This means actually addressing with your spouse that you are open an in fact wanting them to fully communicate with you and anything they have to say is fine and there will not be repercussions after this discussion.
  3. Honor what you have said. The first time you have this open communication with your spouse they are probably going to test you. They may not even knowingly be doing this, but they will see it is really safe to communicate with you and if you hold it against them afterwards. Honor what you have said and you will win back the trust that is essential for open communication.
  4. Lead first. You have to be the one to lead the relationship into this new ground and new ways of communicating. That means you have will need to lead by example and create the space and the trust for your spouse to feel ok with being honest with you.
  5. Continue to have these open conversations and dig deep to the core with them. Don't talk about how you get angry when your spouse forgets your birthday. Really get to the core issue for example you feel like "you were never good enough for them." That level of honest can move mountains in your relationship and your life and it will give your spouse the ability to be truly honest with you.

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